Campeche foresee 35% hotel occupancy for end of year


With a current hotel occupancy of 35 percent in the entity, the year is expected to close at a similar percentage derived from the health contingency that is going through and where the reactivation in each of the hotels and motels is being prioritized, as well as the security of vacationers and staff, through adherence to the health security protocols established by the Ministry of Health, said the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels, Daniel Josué López.

In an interview, he pointed out that although this year he has not set a goal that seeks to exceed the record obtained in previous years due to the pandemic, he said that more and more vacationers are making use of the facilities.

“Occupancy has been increasing slowly, it really remains low due to the health contingency issue and well, as we know there are states that still have lights in orange, red, fortunately, Campeche continues to be green and We hope it continues like this; We are taking all the measures in the hotels and we are also aware that it will not be a December as in previous years, however, it has been improving, slowly, little by little but it has shown improvement from the reactivation to date ”, He explained.

Regarding the announcement of the vaccines, he specified that beyond the hope it gives for the tourism sector around the world, the main benefit would be for the health of the general population, so it must be on the lookout and meanwhile, cooperate with the authorities in the fight against this virus that in Mexico has killed more than 100,000 people.

“Hopefully, that would be something beneficial, beyond the occupation, that the vaccine with good results is something beneficial for the health of everyone in the world and in Campeche, I believe that the vaccine can positively affect the occupation but I think the focal point in this situation is that it can happen and that we all benefit from the health issue ”.

Source: Novedades Campeche

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