Man from Puebla literally commits Hara-Kiri


A 26-year-old man from Puebla takes his own life using the “Hara-Kiri” Japanese suicide technique.

A young man used the Japanese technique of “Hara-kiri” (suicide ritual by burying a knife in the abdomen) to end his life after arguing with his relatives when he was allegedly under the effect of some drug.

The events occurred on the evening of Sunday, December 13th, in a property located in the community of Guadalupe Tecola, in the state capital Puebla.

It was reported that the 26-year-old now deceased, while under the influence of some toxic substance, argued with his father and grandmother, then locked himself in his room and hours later, the young man’s relatives realized that he was dead with a knife stuck in his abdomen.

Although they immediately called 911 and asked for help, the SUMA paramedics arrived shortly after but found the man without vital signs, so that staff from the State Attorney General’s Office learned of what happened.

Source: OEM

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