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U.S. Fish and Wildlife invites Mazatlan citizens to train as bird watchers

Mazatlecos are invited to participate in the seminar “Young bird watchers”

Conselva, Coasts, and Communities will launch an initiative to form a community of observers and promoters of the conservation of migratory birds in southern Sinaloa

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In order to preserve the habitats of migratory birds through the participation of the communities, Conselva, Coasts, and Communities, will launch an initiative to form a community of young people from Mazatlán, observers, and promoters of conservation of migratory birds of southern Sinaloa.

With the support of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Agency and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, they open the call for young people from Mazatlán to train as bird watchers.

The “Young Bird Watchers” seminar will consist of a series of practical sessions where different local specialists will provide the basic knowledge and techniques for bird observation and identification.

In addition, topics such as the threats that birds face and what alternatives can be proposed for their conservation will be addressed.

The seminar will begin in January next year and will last approximately six months, where there will be direct experience with nature and both resident and migratory bird species will be observed.

The initiative will be worked together with the municipalities of Concordia and Mazatlán and young people between the ages of 15 and 30 may participate, totally free.

Sandra Guido, executive director of Conselva, emphasized the importance of this seminar since it is the first step to close the gap that was created between nature and man and create the first-hand contact.

He stressed that the growth of the urban area and the invasion of habitats is the main threat that there is less and less bird watching, hence the importance of the seminar. In Concordia, in the month of May, the breeding season, more than 90 species of birds can be easily observed, while in Mazatlán, without specifying the number, he assured that there are far fewer.

“The loss of habitat is the most important cause that is threatening the existence of these birds, what we want is to promote urban development initiatives that integrate nature into development, it does not have to be exclusive,” he added.

Next Thursday, December 17, there will be a virtual meeting through the Zoom platform where the details of the seminar, the requirements to enter, and the date to start will be reported:

  • ZOOM ID: 458 781 0799
  • Password: 391176

The initiative is also extended to the foreign community residing in the port through the workshop “Protecting migratory birds in Mazatlan: a workshop for birdwatchers”, which seeks to improve the knowledge and skills of bird watchers.

The sessions of this workshop, specifically, will be held in the Priority Region for Conservation “Monte Mojino”, in Concordia, where a large number of resident and migratory birds will be observed.

The information session for this workshop will be in person next Friday, December 18 at 3:00 in the afternoon at Rico’s Café in Olas Altas.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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