Americans travel to Tijuana to buy medicine


Medicines have a very high cost in the United States, which is why even insurance companies prefer to buy in Mexico

Because the pharmaceutical industry is unstable in the United States, many citizens prefer to cross the border to purchase medicines in the Mexican city, according to the Telemundo medium in a report on medicines in the United States.

This medium also revealed that insurance companies prefer to travel or transport their clients to Tijuana so as not to have to pay high prices in the United States. They even named a person who traveled from Oregon to the border city as it can save up to 45% on medications.

Some Chula Vista residents have shared that even with insurance, their meds cost twice as much in their city, making this trip more convenient for them. Likewise, health insurers have affirmed that it is cheaper to fly, not only staff, but their clients to Tijuana so that they can acquire medical attention.

A few months ago, the Tijuana pharmacist, Armando Guzmán, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that approximately 70% of his clients are US citizens, however, he accepts that he has suffered low income since the coronavirus pandemic began.


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