Governor vetoes the collection of property tax of golf courses in Sinaloa


The Governor pointed out that eliminating the golf course tax regime, it may cause taxpayers to end up not paying the tax by not being in the assumption of the standard

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Governor of Sinaloa vetoed the decree approved by the State Congress on the reforms to the Municipal Finance Law, which seeks to tax golf course properties.

The State President pointed out that the repeal of section IV of article 35, which aims to adjust golf courses property tax to that of vacant properties, violates the principle of legitimate trust, as a manifestation of the right to legal security.

In the document read by Deputy Karla de Lourdes Montero, it also indicates that by eliminating the special tax regime for golf courses, it may cause golf course owners to end up not paying the tax.

“The increase in property tax would be based on the fact that there can even be layoffs of people and that investments adjacent to golf courses are prevented from entrepreneurs,” he read.

For his part, the deputy of the National Action Party, Jorge Iván Villalobos Seáñez, said he was in favor of the veto made by the governor, clarifying that the rest of the articles are respected as approved and must be published.

On November 26, the State Congress approved reforms to the Municipal Finance Law with the purpose of avoiding protection of building owners against the Property and that the assigned amount of this tax is paid on golf courses.


The Mazatlan Post