San Miguel de Allende Xmas Films Premiering


Unwrap the gift of San Miguel de Allende’s unique Christmas traditions that are an extraordinary mixture of an ancestral pagan past and the Catholic faith. These films are the secrets behind what we do to celebrate the holidays including:

  • St. Nick’s nudes
  • Tamales Twisted Tale of Terror
  • Jesus’ not-so-evil Doppelgänger
  • Dancing with the Devil
  • Piñatas beating away sin
  • Hiding baby Jesus

The San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets YouTube channel is produced by Joseph Toone, author of the best-selling Christmas book in the series San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets and our top-ranked private tour guide by TripAdvisor.

Each day in December a new video will premiere.  Since the San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets channel was introduced earlier in the year it has averaged over fifteen hundred viewers each month!  A feat far beyond industry expectations for a regional travel channel!

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by Joseph Toone

Source: Joseph Toone Tours

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