Mexican peso to the US dollar on December 6


After the opening of the trading session, the US dollar is paid at 14:46 hours at 19.77 Mexican pesos , which represents a slight change of 0.01% compared to the previous session.

In the last week, the US dollar registered a decrease of 2.04% ; although in the last year it still accumulates an increase of 6.64% . As for the variations of this day with respect to previous days, it interrupts with the streak of quotations of the last four sessions. The volatility figure is 7.64%, which is visibly lower than the annual volatility figure (17.36%), so that in this last phase it is showing less variations than usual.

usd peso exchange

In the annual photo, the US dollar has been paid at a maximum of 25.36 Mexican pesos, while its lowest level has been 18.53 Mexican pesos. The US dollar is closer to its low than its high.


Mexico Daily Post