Gas plant explodes on the Stateline between Hidalgo and Tlaxcala


An explosion occurred on Sunday, November 29th, in a gas plant located in the community of Santiago Chimalpa, in the municipality of Apan, Hidalgo, near the Stateline with Tlaxcala.

The emergency services in the area have not reported any injured yet.  

“Two blows were felt on the ground, two unprecedented shocks; later, a column of smoke rose from the gas station, which is on the limits of the municipality, on the border between Hidalgo and Tlaxcala,” said a witness.

In the first video recorded by residents, the column of smoke is observed, intertwined with the flame that reaches several meters high.

In one of the clips, a mother screams in despair, as she watches the first moments after the conflagration from a distance.

Then, terrified, the woman shouts: “The fire is spreading”, while she continues calling for her son and her voice is joined by those of other family members. The recording is from the Zapata bridge, it was recorded at the moment of the explosion at the Monsergas gas plant.

The state’s Public Security Secretariat reported that Civil Protection, Fire and Police services traveled to the area after receiving the 911 report of the outbreak at approximately 6:55 in the afternoon. So far it is not possible to determine the damages.

Source: El Heraldo de México

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