Grand Miramar All Luxury Suites and Residences, the luxury travel experience in Puerto Vallarta


Today the tourism industry requires adjustments in its hygiene and cleaning protocols in order to generate a safer stay for the millions of tourists who will soon travel through Mexico.

In order to prepare to receive thousands of tourists when post-quarantine activities resume, the businesses that are really caring about the well-being of the tourist are not few, hotel chains, business owners and managers have understood that the safety of customers it must be perfected to achieve enjoyment without worrying about any health problem.

High-class hotels such as Grand Miramar All Luxury Suites and Residences in Puerto Vallarta have responded in an exemplary way to the current situation, creating communication campaigns to report changes and modifications in their operating protocols, the above is very beneficial for Puerto Vallarta and the hotel sector since it shows that the destination is prepared to comply with what is necessary to provide a safe stay for tourists from Mexico and the rest of the world.

“Since our origins, this place has been characterized by excellence in service and hygiene care in each operating procedure, the constant attention to our guests is a conviction that we are passionate about, we are ready to receive you with the safety and warmth that deserves. ” María Eugenia Garfias General Director of Grand Miramar Puerto Vallarta

Source: Discovery Quest

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