Mazatlecos reject legalization of Marijuana


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- On November 20, the Senate approved that the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes in Mexico; now, users of this herb will be able to carry up to 28 grams of psychoactive cannabis for consumption. And although self-consumption is now legally allowed, consumption in public spaces is not, for now, and never for minors.

In this case specifically, the planting , cultivation, harvesting and preparation of cannabis will be allowed , always taking into account a limit of four plants per person.

In a survey carried out by El Sol de Mazatlán, citizens indicated that this decision could be a factor in ending the death rates due to drug trafficking. However, if the consumption is not properly regulated, the situation could get out of control, since they consider that marijuana is the “door” that leads to other types of drugs.

Fernando says that it was possibly legalized thinking that in this way it could attack drug trafficking, however, there are still more illegal drugs.

Don Alejandro believes that the situation can get out of control if it is not well regulated, although on the other hand it can be a factor in ending so many deaths due to the commercialization and trafficking of this herb.

Héctor expresses that legalizing it is an advance, its use was something evident that could no longer be hidden, however, the traffic of this drug may be reduced, but they will continue to traffic with others, even more dangerous drugs.

On the contrary, Martín indicates that it was not the best decision, since the health sector is not prepared to deal with this situation.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlán

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