(VIDEO) Expat frightens residents in San Luis Potosi neighborhood


Harasses and stalks women and girls. It appears that he is an American or Canadian citizen

Inhabitants ask for help

Inhabitants of the Misión de Santiago subdivision in the capital of San Luis Potosí requested the support of the municipal and immigration authorities because they suffer constant harassment and intimidation of a person of approximately 50 years of age and who is presumably Canadian or North American.

The subject goes to the neighbors’ houses, ties cables, throws objects and looks for a fight; “Apparently he lives on Clarissas Street in Mission de Santiago 4th section but attacks mainly girls and women,” explains Manuel Mendoza Ortuño, a resident of the area.

He reported that they have already notified the security authorities but have ignored the request for help.

“We fear for our integrity, on the street he harasses us, undresses, but we do not understand why the police do nothing,” denounced María Luisa Hernández, who was visited by the subject at her home.

“I managed to take video, break windows, damage protections, make obscene signals and all because I live alone with my two girls, I have called the police and nothing, we hope that the National Institute of Migration and the State Institute of Migrants heed our cry before something serious happens. “

In a second video, the individual returns to be present in the house of the mother and her girls, but now throws a metal tube against the window of the house and challenges the little women. The foreigner who only communicated in English shows fluent Spanish to threaten them. He also demands that they stop recording it, but the victims say that they will not do so because it is entering the garage of their house without their consent as it is private property.

Source: elsoldesanluis.com.mx

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