‘Diabolical’ piñata terrifies a store in Mexico City (VIDEO)


November 11, 2020 – The owner of the business decided to buy a surveillance camera to record what was happening in his premises and had an experience of horror

Almost like a horror movie, the owner of a business in Mexico shared videos of an alleged evil presence in his store, which lives in a “diabolical” piñata that has been apparently making strange noises, that things go off and even find ” something ”looking at hi

The terrifying case of Mario’s store went viral after Dross, a famous YouTuber known for exposing paranormal situations with his particular tone of voice, decided to talk about the story on his own account, where he shared the compilation of images that the owner of the store once recorded that it decided to purchase security cameras, with which it was able to see plates and other inexplicable things fly off.

The owner of the premises shared that the piñata woke up on the floor or in a different place than the one he had left the night before when he closed the store and even said that he had asked a Catholic father to go and bless the place where there were demonstrations “Violent” of a spirit.

He lit candles and prayed but the situation continued until it got worse than what he recorded on October 18, when a strange figure appeared among Mario’s piñatas, who was shocked when he saw the gaze of a creature that did not seem human face to face.

Although there is nothing that definitively confirms that a cursed demon or ghost haunted the case store that Dross explains on his YouTube, there are undoubtedly some inexplicable actions, such as the fact that the piñata moved “alone” and appeared in the bathroom floor.

At the moment, the video of The Terrifying Case of Mario’s Store has almost 3 million views in the Dross Rotzank clip and hundreds of comments trying to explain what is happening at the piñata store.

Source: YouTube

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