Another clandestine grave found near Isla de La Piedra Mazatlan


Mazatlán, Sinaloa. The third clandestine grave of this month was found in the municipality of Mazatlán.

The marsh area that covers the surroundings of the “José Aceves Pozos” Thermoelectric Plant on lands of the community of Isla de la Piedra, was the site of the location of a clandestine grave in whose interior the number of people is unknown.

The expedition and location of the clandestine gravesite is attributed to the group of Lost Treasures Raiders Until They are Found Tesoros Perdidos Hasta Encontrarlos, who were accompanied by elements from Sedena and the Vice Prosecutor’s Office for the custody and processing of the site.

The area where the grave was found was excavated approximately half a meter, the buried bones remains unofficially correspond to two people, it could be more or just one, argued the people who participated in the work.

Elements of the Secretariat of National Defense were accompanying and providing protection to the searchers and the personnel gathered there.

On a road of approximately 2 kilometers from the state highway that leads to Isla de la Piedra to where the vehicles arrive bordering a marshland crossing between the vegetation of the area, you have to get to where the buried bodies were found, being only skeletons of what could be two bodies, including that of a woman due to the evidence found and the long hair that was commented on by local trackers.

Elements of the State Attorney General’s Office and the Apolo group traveled to the site of the location and were in charge of processing the place and raising any localized evidence that could be used to carry out the corresponding investigations.

Funeral home staff on duty were in charge of lifting the skeletons to carry out the corresponding genetic tests to see if they are compatible with the samples made and in the registry by experts from the said autonomous body.

In the place it was possible to observe some clothing items as well as sports shoes which could be used for their possible identification.

After nightfall, Thursday its was terminated and it was mentioned that the search work in the area would continue, Friday with the support of the corresponding authorities.


The Mazatlan Post