Playa La Saladita has high tourist potential and the locals are doing it their way


Guerrero Mexico, I decided to visit a rural tourist community, “La Saladita, located in the Costa Grande region of the State of Guerrero, forty minutes by road from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

It is a wonderful place whose main attraction is surfing, bird watching and an impressive beach, where tourists can enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, I was able to verify that its inhabitants, most of them peasant farmers origin little by little They are getting used to a new social and economic reality due to the arrival of tourists to this town. 

You can smell the nature of its pastures, the cattle that roam the dirt roads

Another important aspect that I observed was a large number of foreigners who decided to invest, building hotels, restaurants, and houses to stay and live in the town, the arrival of tourists from all over the world who are fond of surfing who arrive with their boards is impressive. to enjoy the waves of this heavenly place. 

Most of the locals have changed their work habits from farmers to that of tourist service providers, showing empathy for visitors. There is solidarity and teamwork, caring for the care of its ecological environment and the sustainability of the town.

Jovita y Pancho Resort

I was impressed by the community that has a holistic and caring sense, not allowing other people outside of the place to do any work.

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Most of them know each other and have a representative who is the ejidal commissioner, in meetings they determine the actions to be followed in benefit of the community.

Jovita y Pancho Resort

It was a beautiful experience to visit this incredible place, of incalculable natural beauties, tranquility, and above all a good treatment by its inhabitants.

La Saladita recently joined the Costa Grande Tourist Community, an initiative that seeks that “its people do not emigrate to look for work and thus seek to generate generalized dividends within our geographical area.”


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