Two are executed at an electronic music party in Tulum, tourist injured


TULUM.- Two executed and three people injured is the balance of an armed attack on an electronic music event that took place in the hotel zone of Tulum, which culminated in a stampede of about a thousand tourists.

Just on Thursday, Governor Carlos Joaquín asked not to hold massive events in the framework of Halloween and Day of the Dead parties, given the possibility of more infections that lead the state back to the Orange Traffic Light.

Around one o’clock in the morning this Sunday, the local police received the report through 911 that a shooting was registered in the hotel zone of Tulum where detonations of a firearm were heard, which made tourists run that were in the Vagalume.

Elements of the Quintana Roo Police arrived at the place, who immediately cordoned off the area and awaited the arrival of the ministerial agents to carry out the corresponding expert opinion.

For their part, the three injured people were transferred in different ambulances to a private clinic, which was heavily guarded by elements of the Ministerial Police and the Quintana Roo Police, since among the injured were tourists.

Meanwhile, at the Vagalum Beach Club, the bodies of the two subjects who were left lying inside together with several firearms were picked up by the FGE experts.

The motive for the attack is unknown, but it was unofficial there was an agent of the Ministerial Police who is in serious condition.


The Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office began an investigation folder on the occasion of the events that occurred at dawn this Sunday in which two male persons lost their lives due to a firearm projectile and three more (two female and male) were injured during a confrontation inside a property located in the coastal area of ​​Tulum-Boca Paila at km 7.5, where an unauthorized event took place.

The first investigations establish that in that place a massive music event was called in which alcoholic beverages were sold, for which reason it did not comply with all administrative and health regulations derived from the SARS COV 2 pandemic.

The investigations indicate that, inside the property, there were police elements of the FGE that illegally provided protection services (escort) to an alleged businessman and later an incident with other subjects was recorded which triggered an exchange of shots.

From these events, two male persons lost their lives and three more persons were injured.

One of the elements of the PDI presents two injuries by firearm and is reported out of danger.

The FGE policeman – who was accompanying him – is unharmed.

Both are under investigation by the Vice Prosecutor for Internal Affairs.

Firearms are at the disposal of the public prosecutor’s office, two of them are of charge and are assigned for the exclusive use of the activities related to the performance of their functions as police officers of the FGE.

The establishment that provided service without complying with the sanitary regulations, was insured by this social representation and will take all legal actions derived from these events against the owners, organizers and in the same way, the public servants who -by omission or commission – allowed such a massive event to take place.


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