Cuautla, Morelos prison fight video goes viral on social networks


After two hours, authorities managed to control the fight that took place inside the Cuautla District Prison that broke out between inmates and guards.

Given these events, an operation was carried out by the State Security Commission and the National Guard, where for at least five occasions it was necessary to spread tear gas inside.

For a few minutes, there were firearm detonations, and the protection zone had to be expanded to avoid a major event from occurring.

State authorities have reported that the events that occurred in the Cuautla, Morelos district jail were controlled, and only two injured people were reported, an inmate and a custodian, who have already been treated and both are OK.

When the attacks began, the security protocols were activated, making a total closure of the cells to prevent the inmates from going out to the common areas and generating a greater conflict.

It was a group of approximately 50 PPL, located in the income area and level three, who staged a fight where they used various objects that were thrown at each other.

As a result of the events, an operation by the Morelos Police was implemented in coordination with elements of the National Guard and custodians of the prison system, who entered the area of ​​level three to control the situation.

It was as a deterrent that control personnel fired shots in the air, without detonations being made against inmates or among themselves.

At the moment the situation is controlled inside the detention center, without reporting injured people or having a record of any inmates trying to escape. The presence of the authorities continues in order to guarantee tranquility in the District Jail.

Source: OEM