35 thousand people were reported on the beaches of Mazatlan over the weekend


During the weekend there were about 33,500 people in the tourist strip, where 17,000 of them were on the beach strip, reported the Coordinator of Operation Networks, Karina Torres Ruelas.

She indicated that this weekend there was no administrative act in what is the nightlife traffic light.

She stressed that in the soccer stadium, 632 elements were working to guarantee security both inside and outside of this place, where just over 6 thousand fans attended.

Torres Ruelas said that this weekend, it was the Beach Operator who was working to avoid crowds in the beach area.

“Last weekend, the Beach Operator Directorate was working specifically on raising awareness, we had some events in terms of an agglomeration of people, but it was the Beach Operator who attended at the same time and we are working on a campaign of the Strict use of the mask, with regard to the operation in the tourist strip was not neglected ”, explained the municipal official.

Torres Ruelas said that the elements that are destined for the tourist strip were working, which are around 150, in addition to the personnel who were working in the stadium.

She confirmed that to keep order in the football stadium, the sale of beer was suspended 15 minutes before the end of the game.

Source: radioformulamazatlan.com

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