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The first National Congress of Women promoting AMLOs 4T held in Acapulco

President Adela Román Ocampo highlighted that Guerrero and the rest of the country show a deficit in women’s social participation

When launching the first National Congress of Women promoting the Fourth Transformation in Acapulco, women recognized that in the country, all kinds of violence against women continues.

During the ceremony where they held a minute of silence for the victims of gender violence, the women spoke out in favor of consolidating a more egalitarian Mexico.

During her participation, President Adela Román Ocampo highlighted that in Guerrero and the rest of the country there is a deficit of social participation of women in the student, labor, political and partisan sphere; She emphasized that greater equity and greater participation are required, which is why she called for the empowerment of women, to instill values ​​from an early age and to work hand in hand with men and women against gender violence.

Román Ocampo urged that women promote other women to public office, party leadership, government commanders, judicial magistrates, and all decision-making areas; to elaborate an agenda of governments with a feminine vision, close to the people, that promote solidarity economies and that support the most vulnerable.

As part of the dialogues that took place in this activity, the president of DIF Acapulco, Adriana Román Ocampo, recalled part of the history and struggles that women gave to be taken into account in society, to be able to vote and access positions of popular election, she stressed that women should join the same cause, “work for a more egalitarian Mexico.”

Through a testimonial, the businesswoman Susana Palazuelos Rosenzweig shared with the attendees the challenges she had to face in order to position herself in the banquet and gastronomy industry, the indifference she suffered when venturing into the hotel industry to meet her goals. She encouraged Acapulco women to pursue their dreams and not be defeated.

The Secretary for the Defense of Human and Social Rights of Morena, Bernarda Leovigilda Chávez, and the Secretary of Youth of Morena, Marbén de la Cruz Santiago also agreed that this type of activities is a watershed to enhance women “enough to feel like minimized, “said one of them.

The mayors, Armida Castro Guzmán from Los Cabos; Jerónima Toledo Villalobos from San Cristóbal de Las Casas; and María del Rosario Quintero from Navojoa, Sonora, also exchanged experiences with the attendees and the actions carried out by their administrations to eradicate and punish gender violence; Together with the municipal president of Teotihuacán, Jaime Heredia, they supported the actions of the president of Acapulco.

Source: elsoldeacapulco.com.mx

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