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Ecological Police continue working to keep natural areas clean on the coast of Yucatan


Progreso, Yucatán (October 20, 2020).- Almost two years after Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi promoted the creation of the first ecological police in the State of Yucatán, today the agents of this group continue to fulfill the commitment to work in favor of the environment through different actions and strategies to combat pollution in the streets, in the sea, and in the mangroves.

Obdulio Delaney Mena Sánchez, who recently assumed the leadership of this unit, said that he has been instructed by Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi to redouble efforts and attend to cleaning and protection issues of natural areas on a constant basis, in addition to supervising the fishing refuge area. “La Caleta” and the Port of Shelter to prevent users from continuing to dump waste that could affect the aquifer.

“Our lines of action are focused on keeping under protection all the natural wealth that Progreso and its surroundings have, our mission is to conserve our ecosystems and raise awareness among citizens so together we can safeguard our environment,” said the official.

In that sense, Mena Sánchez specified that the Ecological Police has carried out the capture and release of threatened species, such as turtles and snakes found in properties near the beach and the mangrove swamp area, in addition to carrying out rescue work on abandoned canines in a situation vulnerable to the weather.

On the other hand, they implement surveillance operations on the traditional and international boardwalks, in order to protect the areas where turtles nest and they have also applied sanctions to those who have committed damage to the environment, such as throwing waste into the sea and driving around protected areas with vehicles.

During the passage of tropical storm Gamma and hurricane Delta, the group joined the tasks carried out by the various municipal agencies to support citizens, especially in the transfer of families to temporary shelters authorized by the city council, the removal of cables, lights and branches that fell on public roads due to the strong winds of both meteorological phenomena.

Finally, Mena Sánchez expressed: “our agents are trained to attend to citizen reports, so in case of any situation you can contact us at number 9992 772 190”.

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