Mazatlan gets serious about recycling


Did you know that Mazatlan is venturing into the recycling and reuse of plastic? In this center, they even make boats and pallets, as well as planters and organic compost

Being part of the “Ola México” program, Mazatlán has a collection center for recycling.

Plastics are collected in one of the areas of the Bonfíl Park.

Through the collection and separation, said collection center focuses on segregating, compacting, accommodating and transporting any type of plastic material.

With the help of a compactor machine and two collaborators, the task yields up to 500 kilograms.

It is a whole process through which these materials must pass, so teamwork is of the utmost importance.

This system promotes the circular economy, that is, a monetary incentive is granted to anyone who collects plastics and delivers them to this center.

Thus exhorting citizens to collaborate with the environment and give our plastic products a second use.


The Mazatlan Post