Baja Californians are visiting Valle de Guadalupe in the pandemic, WHY?


This place has become popular thanks to the fact that it brings together all the experience of the state by having its winery, craft brewery, restaurants, cafeteria, and lodging

As is well known, Baja California is a state that not only has a variety of ecosystems but also places that make you live a unique experience to appreciate its nature without missing a good drink along with an appetizing dish; one of these places being the Valle de Guadalupe.

The famous Wine Route is one of the most visited by tourists in the region, however, in the face of the pandemic, this gastronomic sector was also affected by the restrictions on border crossings between Mexico and the United States, as was the case with Maglen Resort.

Photo by Laura Rivera

This hotel complex closed for three months due to the current health crisis, without having any income and paying all its collaborators; But according to Berenice Hernádez, in charge of Public Relations of this place, thanks to the changes in the epidemiological traffic light due to Covid-19, they are back.

Photo by Laura Rivera

“We started with 30% capacity, right now with the traffic light we raise it to 50%. It has been an important challenge but it has had its advantages because more and more people from Baja visit us, more than foreigners, “he said.

Before the pandemic, 80% of the visitors to Maglen Resort were foreigners from Europe and the United States, most of them from Chicago and New York, but currently, local tourism has allowed them to continue, having “an occupation very proud of the 70 to 80 percent of Mexicans ”, mentioned Berenice Hernández.

Photo by Laura Rivera

Maglen Resort was created six years ago by a Baja California family and today it is recognized for bringing together what is representative of the region since it has its own winery, its craft brewery, a restaurant (for the moment), a cafeteria and four sections for you. Yes, all that in one place.

Jorge Escobar in charge of Coffe Shop at Maglen Resort / Photo by Laura Rivera

As if that were not enough, in addition to having excellent Wi-Fi, it manages to clear you up in each of its spaces thanks to the natural context that surrounds it and the colors that are part of the art embedded in its facilities.

Photo by Laura Rivera y Maglen Resort

And if you are one of those who are looking for places that care about providing a friendly service with the environmentMaglen Resort also complies with this, because it was not only built respecting the nature of the place, they reforested, reused water, and have their own garden to make its cuisine more authentic, and which calls itself Mediterranean, Asian and French.

Chef Javier Altamirano from Cantera Restaurant at Maglen Resort / Photo by Laura Rivera

This resort not only makes you live an experience but also makes you feel proud of what Baja California has and offers to each of its residents and tourists since most of its members are originally from this state as well as its suppliers, makes you feel at home, wake up and have a cup of specialty coffee made at the moment. While in the afternoon you choose between a Blonde beer, IPA, Amber, or a Porter.

Lizbeth Rasgado, Food and Beverage Manager at Maglen Resort’s Ruta 90.8 brewery / Photo by Laura Rivera

Or, have a glass of wine from the Maglen vineyards, which you can only find there, as they are not yet for sale elsewhere.

Laura Rivera Photos

It is worth mentioning that another of the most important reasons why Baja Californians visit Maglen in the pandemic is because it has also joined businesses with hygiene protocols in each of its services in order to avoid contagion by the current Covid- 19.

Laura Rivera Photos

Now you know, if you want to know Baja California, maybe you should start here.

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