Gang members attack women with knives in Aguascalientes (VIDEO)


In a video that circulates on social networks, gang members can be seen attacking with machetes and knives a group of women and young people in Aguascalientes.

AGUASCALIENTES .- A video circulates on social networks that shows a cowardly attack by gang members against a group of women and young people with machetes and knives in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The events occurred during the early hours of Sunday, October 11th, on Pastor Roualx Street, in the Insurgentes neighborhood of Aguascalientes.

In the images, a group of gang members and some ladies are seen arguing, when suddenly one of the young men takes out a knife with which he begins to attack the women, leaving several of them with injuries.

It is also observed that an older woman tried in vain to separate the young men and women involved in the fight, but other young people can be seen trying to get the women away from the gangsters.

“He’s going to kill him, he’s going to kill him,” shouts one of the people watching the violent brawl.

In the video, another subject in black is also observed with a machete in his hand while the brawl continues, he only brandished the weapon in all directions but without injuring anyone.

According to the local Aguasdigital portal, the attackers are known as “Los Peras”, who usually meet on Lucio Blanco street and who have also taken over Insurgentes street, because they do what they want without the authorities intervening.

Although it has not been officially released if any person was injured, the names and nicknames of some have transcended: “El Chato” Becerra, Kalep, Armando, Julio César, “El Chairez”, “El Pando” and a woman who is the mother of one of the wounded.

On the other hand, the social communication area of ​​the Municipal Public Security Secretary assured that the report was attended, however, when the participants observed the patrol cars coming in, they dispersed and ran to their homes, so they have not been detained, but there is a report of an injured person.

Source: El Horizonte

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