One of Mexico’s most popular desserts is “Arroz con Leche”


If you have never tried “arroz con leche,” this is the perfect season to make it. You will need ingredients you probably have in your pantry: 
 1. rice
 2. milk
 3. condensed milk
 4. cinnamon 
 5. raisins

Recipes vary from region to region; for example, in Mexico City, rice pudding is used to make “atole,” a warn and delicious beverage that often accompanies tamales. 

In Jalisco, rice pudding is a must during lent; however, local use lime or orange zest instead of cinnamon. 
In Oaxaca, people pair Mexican rice pudding with sweet chickpeas. 
In Tabasco and Chiapas, people eat rice pudding for breakfast or dinner. 

Source: El Universal

Mexico Daily Post