Feminist groups hold a new demonstration in Mazatlán


Feminist women dissatisfied with acts of repression by the Mazatlan Government of Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, demonstrated on Sunday, October 4th.

Mazatlán.- With a march that ended in a demonstration outside the City Hall, feminist women groups protested against the attacks that have been targeted by elements of the Municipal Police in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The movement, which brought together more than 100 women, began with a tour of Aquiles Serdán Street and immediately concentrated on the esplanade of República Square, right in front of the Municipal Palace.

“We were all, we were all,” was the slogan that the women shouted with one voice, noting that if the municipal authority intends to proceed legally against any of them, it will have to do so with all of them.

After what happened, female personnel from the Municipal Public Security Secretary were concentrated in the place, where they formed a kind of barrier between the City Hall facilities and the demonstration.

As a peaceful protest, one of the dissatisfied women described it, noting that it was all due to acts of repression presented by members of the Perlas del Pacifico collective, on September 28, where at least 4 of its members were transferred to a detention facility.

He said, the movement does not intend to cause any damage and at no time has it called to affect the city because on the contrary they benefit the population with workshops and provide support to women who have been victims of violence.

She said, the image that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres has wanted to give to the Perlas del Pacifico collective is unfair, for which he pointed out that they will not be left and if they will have to proceed against any of its members they will have to do it with all of them.

Immediately afterwards, various women gave messages, all directed at the mistreatment they have been subjected to, they will not keep silent anymore, as happened with the treatment they were subjected to in the last demonstration, where they were repressed by the municipal authority.

One by one they left their banners to form a cross as a sign of solidarity with all those women who have been victims of gender violence, as well as offering the policewomen gathered there a rose as a sign that they too represent.

At 7:00 p.m. after keeping a minute of silence and as they mentioned that it will be the last minute that they will be silent in the face of the injustices to which they are subjected, they withdrew peacefully as they arrived.

Source: OEM

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