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El Kaliwas is back! Come for your “Kaliguazo”

“I do not have many clients right now, but I have a lot of good health, I’ll wait for them”

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“He was not dead, he was … resting” this is how the famous Kaliwas responds to the rumor of his death that emerged after catching coronavirus.

After falling ill with Covid-19 and recovering, he decided to rest for over two months to be able to return healthier than ever and serve his customers who missed him so much.

He said that the economic situation has been a bit difficult, his regular customers who were Cbtis high school students are not there, but he is still making an effort

Now you can enjoy the delicious ceviches of sierra fish, cochito and shrimp, without missing its rich and spicy sauces.

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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