Who do you think are the most famous Mexicans in history?

Think of about five names, the first that come to mind …


Who did you choose? Hugo Sánchez? Toño Esquinca? Benito Juarez? “The Doña? “The lice”? Carmelita Salinas?

Well, we know that each of us will have our own list of famous Mexicans, which is surely very different from one person to another. To somehow standardize criteria, we present a study carried out by the Macroconnections Group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the results of which can be consulted on the Pantheon website.

In this study, the cultural production of humanity from the year 4000 BC to 2010 was analyzed, based on various sources ranging from Wikipedia to the book Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray (a compilation of the most notable in the sciences and arts until 1950).

With the information gathered and a specific methodology, the MIT working group ranked the results at the global level. For example, Wikipedia only took into account those who in their entry have 15 versions in different languages, which in a way justifies its worldwide popularity and historical weight.

Based on this, the 10 most famous people in all of history are:

1. Aristotle
2. Plato
3. Jesus Christ
4. Socrates
5. Alexander the Great
6. Leonardo Da Vinci
7. Confucius
8. Julius Caesar
9. Homer
10. Pythagoras

As we see, the classics dominate. To see the top 100 worldwide, click here .

And now, let’s see which are the 10 most famous Mexicans of all time according to Pantheon. We will make the list from place 20 to 1, to make it more exciting:

20. Álvaro Obregón

19. Vicente Fox

18. Cantinflas

17. David Alfaro Siqueiros

16. Francisco I. Madero

15. Miguel Hidalgo

14. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

13. Diego Rivera

12. Cuauhtémoc

11. Benito Juárez

10. Porfirio Diaz

9. Antonio López de Santa Anna

8. Pancho Villa

7. Octavio Paz

6. Carlos Slim

5. Anthony Quinn

4. Carlos Santana

3. Emiliano Zapata

2. Moctezuma II

1. Frida Kahlo

In total Pantheon took into account 57 Mexicans, to check the complete list click here .

Who was missing? Who was left over?


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