Cancun creates 4 more recycling centers


Cancún, QR, September 30, 2020.- With the opening of a fourth collection center for the Recycling Day headed by the General Directorate of Ecology of the Benito Juárez City Council, 10 tons of recycled materials were collected during this end of week.

In that sense, the head of Municipal Ecology, Guadalupe Alcántara Mas, reported that following strict hygiene protocols and healthy distance, collaborators from the municipal agency and collection companies, received at the headquarters of Pabellón Cumbres, Gran Plaza parking lot, Walmart Polígono Sur and Conalep II, a total of 10,579 kilograms of valuable waste.

In addition, he affirmed that through the collaboration between the Ecology and Municipal Public Services directorates with various collection companies and the outstanding participation of citizens, on this occasion it was possible to enable a new collection center in the Conalep II facilities, on Av November 20, with Costa Maya street, since more storage sites have been incorporated according to the needs.

“We continue with our Reciclatón actions under sanitary protocols, promoting the culture of recycling and reducing the waste we generate. With these small actions that we add individually, we contribute to taking care of our planet and all the living beings that inhabit it ”, said Alcántara Mas.

The General Director of Ecology emphasized that with this program belonging to the Comprehensive Plan “ECOnectate”, it seeks to create an ecological awareness and responsibility for caring for the environment.

Informative complements

Materials collected:

19  liters of motor oil.

47  kilograms of energy-saving bulbs.

76  kilograms of textiles.

78  kilograms of aluminum.

90  kilograms of expired drugs.

116  liters of vegetable oil.

131  pieces of toner.

163  kilograms of scrap metal.

175  kilograms of caps .

196  kilograms of alkaline batteries.

263  kilograms of wood.

297  kilograms of Tetra Pak.

736  kilograms of plastics.

2,305  kilograms of electronics.

2,931  kilograms of paper and cardboard.

3,232  kilograms of glass containers.


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