Short circuit in a shopping plaza mobilizes Mazatlan fire department


A short circuit in a telephone store inside a well-known shopping plaza in Mazatlan mobilizes the fire department.

Members of the Veteran Firefighters of Mazatlan arrived at the site aboard a fire extinguisher machine and an ambulance where they were received by security personnel from the plaza, who allowed them to enter the premises in order to check on the short circuit.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A short circuit was registered during the early morning inside a telephone store located in a well-known commercial plaza located in the La Marina area of Mazatlán.

The report given during the early hours of today mentioned that the fire alarm had been activated inside an establishment selling cell phones located inside a commercial plaza located between Avenidas De La Marina and Del Delfín in the area of ​​La Marina.

Agents of the Veteran Firefighters arrived at the site aboard a fire extinguishing machine and an ambulance where they were welcomed by security personnel from the square and accompanied them to where the smell of smoke was felt and that activated the alarms.

After entering the place, the experimented firemen immediately noticed that one of the contacts on the wall had burned due to a short circuit in the electrical installation and they carried out the necessary maneuvers so that it would not pass to greater and then they withdrew after leaving everything under control.

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