Attention! as of Monday, Aquiles Serdán in Mazatlan will be closed to traffic


Changes will be made to the route of urban trucks that arrive at the Pino Suárez municipal market

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As of Monday, Aquiles Serdán Avenue will be closed to road traffic in the stretch of Leandro Valle on March 21, as was announced by the deputy director of Municipal Transit, Francisco Guerra González .

He explained that this is due to construction work on the rainwater collector that began on Gabriel Leyva avenue, followed by Teniente Azueta and has already reached the first square of the city.

“We are giving all the support to the construction companies that are in Mazatlán, in this case, we are at the intersection of Avenida Aquiles Serdán on March 21, since the works of the rainwater collectors are underway. As you can see, by March 21 they are already advanced to the works and from Monday they will begin on Aquiles Serdán avenue, which they will understand from this point that it is March 21 to Leandro Valle, where the municipal market is Pino Suárez ”, indicated.

Francisco Guerra recalled that there will be a modification in the route of the urban trucks that arrive at the Pino Suárez municipal market and those that stop next to the clothing store that is located by Leandro Valle, which has already been agreed with the transport leaders.

“Some changes in truck routes will be made, specifically the stops that are in Leandro Valle and Aquiles Serdán. We are going to change all these routes to Constitución and Dr. Carvajal. The works will take about 2 weeks. Let’s hope that the rain lets us work so that the time that the builders is giving us does not go by and that the citizens support us in that sense since the first days it is the safest thing that they become traffic congestion in the center, but yes ask him in the most attentive way to take other routes such as Guillermo Nelson, Belisario Domínguez or also take Dr. Carvajal to be able to get to his place when they have to pass through this crossing between Aquiles Serdán and March 21 ”, explained the commander of Transit Municipal.

Guerra González added that on the part of the Traffic Command there will be a special road support operation during the days that the works last to guide drivers and citizens in general.


The Mazatlan Post