One full day goes by in Mazatlán without any Covid-19 deaths


According to the Health platform, in Sinaloa there are almost 500 active patients

Culiacán, Sinaloa /September, 25, 2020) .- The Ministry of Health reported this Thursday, Sep 24, 81 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the state, 42 for Culiacán, 23 in Mazatlán, 7 in Guasave, 5 in Salvador Alvarado, 2 in Sinaloa and 1 in Rosario and Navolato, adding a total of 495 active cases in the state.

As for deaths from coronavirus, 15 new ones were registered on the health platform, appearing only in three municipalities; 13 in Culiacán and 1 in Guasave and Escuinapa, registering a total of 3,111 deaths.

On the other hand, it was reported that 66 patients were discharged, 34 from Culiacán, 14 from Guasave, 6 from Navolato, 4 from Badiraguato, three from Ahome and one from Mocorito, Angostura, Elota, San Ignacio and Choix, adding up to a total of 14,860 high.

In Sinaloa, 18,466 people have tested positive for this disease, there are currently 495 active patients, of which 34.7% are hospitalized; while 3.7% of them are not serious.

Meanwhile, in the state of Sinaloa there are a total of 1,289 suspicious cases.

Source: OEM

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