Delegate in Chihuahua affirms that indigenous protest is manipulated


Social programs do not reach all indigenous people from the Ministry of Welfare. They plan to reach the city of Chihuahua, to demand that the federal delegation be listened to and attended to in their demands.

The delegate of the World Organization for Peace on the MX-US border, Alejandro Díaz Villalobos, joined the walk for dignity and hunger, called “The March of Work” carried out by a group of more than 200 Rarámuri indigenous people, heading for the city of Chihuahua.

The group that already exceeds 200 indigenous people, travel from San Juanito and seek to reach the city of Chihuahua, since almost a year ago they asked the delegate of federal programs in the entity, Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa, to give an answer to your demands.

“The idea is to raise the voice of this great people to be able to sensitize the Government and the people of the enormous famine, the great drought that the Rarámuri are experiencing, their plots have been severely affected and not all are benefited in the support that they give social programs ”explained Alejandro Díaz.

He regretted that they are going through one of the worst famine crises in recent years, they are struggling a lot and what we do is accompany them to be one more voice that adds to this claim of a society, of an indigenous people, with its uses and their customs that give a great identity to our state.

He urged citizens and the federal government to support indigenous peoples, “sometimes they themselves do not raise their voices because they know that they are not heard but they need us to raise our voices and that voice reaches the corners of the state of Chihuahua and Let’s all join in, bringing food, food, water and medicine because they are struggling in many ways.

Our complete solidarity, the great affection, admiration and respect for a very strong, hard-working people who hope to be helped by their Chihuahuan countrymen.

Inhabitants of municipalities such as Guachochi, Urique and Bocoyna assure that this is the third time that they promise to help them and they only give them “atole with their finger” and they will appear at the Ministry of Welfare, Chihuahua Delegation, in search of being heard, of what On the contrary, this march may extend to Mexico City, according to Rrámuri indigenous leaders.

Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa indicated that the federal government has provided support in the Sierra de Chihuahua.

The delegate of the Ministry of Welfare in Chihuahua, Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa, said that the indigenous protest that left the Tarahumara mountains to the state capital in search of support is manipulated, as he affirmed that the area has benefited to more than 20 thousand families out of a total of 137 thousand 484 families from the lower and upper Tarahumara.

“Those who lead the march, as is the case of Luis Carlos González, benefited from social programs up to 124 thousand pesos, ” said the official during a press conference in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua.

“With these measures, the government of the Fourth Transformation attends a historical debt with the native peoples and contributes significantly to the beneficiaries having an income in the current emergency generated by the covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

He highlighted that the government of Mexico deployed social support for the communities of the Sierra Tarahumara as never before, where today 137 thousand 484 families have at least one of their members in the Development Programs in which this year there is already an investment of 2 thousand 482 million 796 thousand 795 pesos through the Integral Plan of the Sierra Tarahumara.

Loera de la Rosa explained that 68 thousand 128 people have been incorporated in the productive branch, in which this year 1,553 million 442 thousand 761 pesos were dispersed, of which 20 thousand are farmers incorporated into the Sembrando Vida program in which, This 2020, an investment of 192 million 150 thousand pesos was made.

In the Youth Building the Future program, 2,855 beneficiaries are incorporated, who receive scholarships that in total this year add up to an investment of 128 million 406 thousand 480 pesos; In Tandas para el Bienestar, the credits reached 2,293 people with a spill of 13 million 758 thousand pesos.

In addition, in Credits to the Word to micro-companies, the benefits reached 22 companies with a spill of 550 thousand pesos; in solidarity loans to microenterprises, 123 were beneficiaries with an investment of 3 thousand 75 million pesos.

In Production for Well-being, there are 42 thousand 946 beneficiaries that this year receive support for an amount of 204 million 168 thousand pesos 262 pesos; In Bienpesca there are 71 producers who received support this year for 511 thousand 211 pesos, among other support that benefited a large number of Chihuahuans, he stressed.

“In this process, the work of the servants of the Nation is key to incorporate the beneficiaries of the different programs of the Integral Plan of the Sierra Tarahumara, designed to contribute to the well-being of rural communities in which the diverse ethnic groups stand out. Chihuahua ”, he concluded.


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