Come and try tasty Jalisco-style birria tacos at Mazatlán’s “Plaza del Taco”


* With a taste very different from the traditional one, and the best, the water is free

* If you want to take them you can dial the cell number 669 2526112

Inside Plaza Ley del Mar in Mazatlan you will find a new place called “La Plaza del Taco” and as its name says, tacos are its specialties.

There are birria, golden, soft and weathered; without a doubt a great variety of tacos to choose from and for all tastes.

The birria tacos are Jalisco style and you can order them soft or golden with gratin chihuahua cheese, all this accompanied with their delicious consommé.

Others of the most requested are the weathered shrimp tacos; the one we recommend you try is the “enchilado” which we are sure you will love!

Best of all, when you buy two tacos, your drink is completely free. The Plaza del Taco is located within the food area of ​​Plaza Ley del Mar or you can order your tacos at the number 6692526112.


The Mazatlan Post