The beaches of Mazatlan have a guardian and this is how she educates her successors

We want them to have a sensitivity and love for animals, so when they start to link the negative effect that plastics have on sea animals, they themselves become guardians

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Since she was a child, Alessandra Yanuzzo has been in charge of cleaning the beach on which she walks every day, and now that she is an adult woman, she educates the children who in the future they will be the new guardians.

“I have been stepping on the beaches for as long as I can remember when I came to Mazatlán to live, about 12 years old, I started cleaning beaches and I have several movements to raise awareness among people,” he began by relating.

This activist in favor of the conservation of the beaches has remained active with various projects derived from the same garbage that she finds on the coast, thus being born one of her most famous projects; ‘Pick the movement of the ring’, which consists of collecting those plastic rings in which beer cans are transported, and making nets with them.

And it is through surfing that she educates the little ones about the importance of cleaning beaches and caring for the environment, as Alessandra considers that adults, unfortunately, lack this environmental education, she also mentioned that it also helps children to strengthen and develop values ​​of social integration.

18 09 20 Beaches like cantinas

“I have a movement called” Pick the ring “about awareness and the environmental impact of beer rings, and I have a surf school for children, in this school, we teach them a lot about applied environmental education,” he said.

“Through surfing, we teach them many things about themselves and their environment, so we have the sea school in the afternoons for children to leave their homes and from their computers and that can heal in the sea, exercise, do sport, share with other children, do integration dynamics, surf, share and strengthen, breathe and look at the horizon ”, he added.

According to the activist, the classes are taught by the sea, who is the true teacher, this being the reason why her surf school is called “the school of the sea”, giving classes on Saturdays from 5 to 7 in the morning. afternoon and early Sunday morning.

18 09 20 Beaches like cantinas

“We do it on the beaches of Pueblo Bonito, that’s why I feel like a guardian from here (Diego’s beach) to the beach in Pueblo Bonito, our classes are there in Pueblo Bonito and they are in the afternoon, from 5 to 7 at sunset, and on Sundays is a class in the morning … For them the teacher is the sea, we want them to have a sensitivity and a love for animals, so when they begin to link the negative effect that plastics have on sea animals, they themselves become guardians, and at home, they teach their parents … That is what it is all about, creating guardians from a young age because sometimes grown-up people are very difficult to change ”, he concluded.


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