SPCA Sanctuary in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Spend a rewarding afternoon cuddling with the animals at Puerto Vallarta’s SPCA Sanctuary. Our dogs and cats are awaiting “forever homes,” and your help is needed to jump-start their socialization. The goal is to get these animals adjusted and ready to interact in the real world.

The majority of the SPCA animals either come from extremely abusive situations or they have been abandoned. Your love and attention can make up for that sad history. During your visit, you can interact with the animals and even take a dog (or two or three) for a walk. You can also play with the animals, assist the vet, or help with dinner time.

No matter the amount of time and effort you share, it’s always returned to you in multiple ways. The satisfaction of helping others, increased self-esteem and lower blood pressure are just a few of the benefits of volunteering for a day at the SPCA.

If you have children, this is a great opportunity to teach them how to work with animals, respect others and give back to the community. Volunteering builds a child’s confidence, brings them a sense of achievement and teaches them the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Sharing a few hours of your time with the dogs and cats at the SPCA de PV also creates lifelong memories of a fun filled afternoon spent playing and cuddling with these lovable, furry creatures.

So, are you ready to get involved? Pack your bag for an amazing afternoon at the SPCA! Please bring water, a sack lunch and any treats you might enjoy during your visit, but please keep in mind that sharing food with the animals is prohibited.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring your camera. Take as many photos as you’d like, and share them with your social media community. Your photos and videos can help these dogs and cats find their forever homes with people who will treat them with the love and care they deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Send an email to spcapv(at)gmail.com to arrange a date and time to visit the shelter.

Want to help but can’t come out to the shelter? The SPCA Sanctuary is not supported by the government, corporations, foundations or businesses, so financial donations are always needed to help cover the costs of caring for the animals sheltered there. For donation information, visit spcapv.com.

Need additional information? You can learn more about the SPCA of Puerto Vallarta by visiting their website of Facebook page.

About the SPCA de PV: The mission of SPCA de PV is to help fund and promote sterilization, adoption and health care efforts for companion animals in the Puerto Vallarta area, with the goal of eliminating the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals. In January 2012 they opened a sanctuary on the outskirts of town. It is a no-kill shelter and can house up to 130 animals at once. The people at the shelter are devoted to the animal’s physical and emotional rehabilitation and everyone is invite to come out and interact with the animals. A registered 501(c)(3) charity, donations are tax deductible in the United States. For more information, visit SPCAPV.com.

Source: SPCA

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