Mazatlan police will start enforcing yellow line violations


Service providers must respect the loading and unloading of passengers

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Municipal Traffic agents are enforcing what is dictated by the Sustainable Mobility Law, and that is why they formulate infractions to drivers of units that do not respect the yellow stripes or the signs that prohibit parking, he explained the Deputy Director of Traffic, Francisco Guerra González.

Given the questions that drivers of the public rental transport service have made for fines in social networks and the media, he clarified that he is not against taxis, aurigas or pulmonias up and down the passage, but insisted that this should only be do so in suitable areas, without blocking the passage of vehicles on the busiest roads, such as the coastal promenade or the golden zone, mainly during peak hours.

He mentioned that urban truck stops should be used for the ascent or descent of passengers, and not at any point, where they sometimes take several minutes, affecting the passage of other vehicles.

“We are doing our job and we are enforcing what the Sustainable Mobility Law dictates, especially in the now remodeled Rafael Buelna and Camarón Sábalo, as well as the entire boardwalk; there is a yellow strip and there are signs that restrict parking in that area and less in the famous rush hours. We are not against raising or lowering passage, but you should always find the appropriate place and time to do so. As Mazatlecos, as a public service, they must begin to change their mentality and begin to see the order of how to accommodate them so as not to harm them in their pocket. It is their way of working, we are not denying them that they work; the only thing we want is to give an approach and the places where they can upload passage. The ascent and descent of the passage is not allowed but we can start doing it in the places where there are signs, such as on the islets for trucks; there they can make the ascent but not park over the entire tourist area, “he said.

Francisco Guerra González recalled that some taxis have areas established as a “site” or areas to park and stay for some time when they upload a ticket, and that in the rest of the rental transport modes, they must circulate without stopping, and even less in areas where there are yellow stripes or signs that indicate that you should not park.

He added that in meetings with the transport leaders, this issue is the one that is repeatedly analyzed, and where they are repeatedly asked to respect the provisions established in the Sustainable Mobility Law.


The Mazatlan Post