Schoolcations: reframing learning in Mexico


With its sense of modernity, comfort and quality in the most particular details of its service, Four Seasons Punta Mita brings us Schoolcations, a new way to continue with the education of the little ones, in the best environment and time possible.

The times we live in have relied on the power of technology to be able to continue with our activities in the best possible way, making flexible times, spaces, and ways of executing them. One of the greatest challenges has been to ensure the quality of our rest time in the face of the education of our children. How to continue living the vacation of our dreams when it is possible without neglecting training? Four Seasons Punta Mita have a valuable answer

At the end of the summer, and with the reactivation of the fall school year in the midst of the current contingency, which still maintains the large concentrations of suspended people, the schools have activated the virtual class format. This is how Schoolcations was born, a new distance learning program for parents and children away from home, run by Four Seasons Punta Mita, which allows remote learning with

a new comprehensive and diverse program that features direct counseling on technology issues, a “Study Buddies” program, after-school arts, culture, history, and sports classes to foster educational learning through travel.

Conceived as a vital extension of its Kids for All Seasons Resort program, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Schoolcations uniquely and comprehensively supports learning, where parents can also enjoy a relaxing time by the pool, the spa, or fitness classes while your kids’ study, keeping that quality time together as a family, once the kids are done with the day’s school assignments, providing a fun school experience for everyone.

With a safe, enjoyable, and fun system, Schoolcations is activated by the expertise of specialized and highly trained personnel, who will ensure the full development of activities offered by Schoolcations:

– Study cabins. Pool and beach cabanas can be reserved and transformed into private ocean view workstations. Each studio cabin is equipped with Wi-Fi, a TV monitor, headphones, a portable charger, a lap pad, and energizing snacks such as fresh fruits, smoothies, and popsicles. Every day from sunrise to sunset.

– In the catrina workshop, you can decorate a ceramic Catrina while learning the meaning and origin of this Mexican icon. 

– Papalotl Workshop helps you create a beautiful kite using your creativity and then fly it on the beach.

– Huichol workshop. Create a piece of Huichol art with colored beads following the ancient techniques used by the Huichols. 

– The dream catcher workshop will allow the little ones to create a beautiful dream catcher with materials inspired by Lakota traditions and learn about this iconic Mexican symbol. 

– Dance classes, with options of folkloric ballet, zapateado or faldeo, all traditional Mexican dances on request. 

– History of Punta Mita, where you can discover the incredible details of the history of Punta Mita since before the conquest of Mexico. 

In addition, this program also has Spanish classes, Huichol talk, Xocolatl workshop, the release of sea turtle hatchlings and sea foreign (culinary experience in the ocean), yoga, beach camp, tennis, golf clinics, among many others. . 

Let study buddies assist your child with homework and help them in their classes to provide supervision, or lean on professional educational support from a private tutor. 

IT Support allows technical staff to help with a computer, iPad, or mobile device problems with the push of a button; this service will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, upon request. 

For its part, Equipo de Ti offers printers, larger monitors, portable chargers and other items. And Doctor Screen will be in charge of cleaning guest laptop / iPad screens as well as providing pads for anyone wishing to learn poolside. 

The private villas and beach houses at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita provide a way for families to enjoy an extended stay with all the Resort amenities and services. Discover another level of unmatched privacy, personalized service, and spacious layouts, where Schoolcations is presented as a key complement to your children’s education and training. 

Check the activities of greatest interest, as well as costs, courtesy options, schedules, and dynamics. Today, it is time to continue learning, regardless of time or distance. Learning can happen anytime


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