Over 50 thousand have visited Puerto Peñasco “Rocky Point” and 20 thousand are waiting for “Labor’s Day”


For the weekend of September 4-7, when Labor Day is commemorated in the United States, the projected occupancy could be 60% to 70% of the port, that is, between 21,000 and 24,500 visitors.

PUERTO PEÑASCO, Sonora.- Some 50 thousand visitors and an economic spill of 2 million dollars, estimate that it has been captured during August in Puerto Peñasco, where they are preparing for the arrival of more than 20 thousand tourists for the next period of American holiday of Labor Day.

Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), reported that the previous weekend they registered an occupancy of 30%, that is, around 10,500 people.

But that for the weekend of September 4 to 7, when Labor Day is commemorated in the United States, the projected occupation could be between 60% and 70% of the port, that is, between 21 thousand and 24 thousand 500 visitors .

For the weekend of August 28 to 31, it is estimated that the occupation will be similar to the previous one, with about 10 thousand 500 people.

“Our market is really basically American, we hope that for the following week (September 4 to 7) the occupation for the long weekend in the United States can rise to 60, 70%,” he reiterated.

The executive highlighted that since the second half of June, Puerto Peñasco opened its doors to tourism under strict protocols that have allowed no significant outbreaks of Covid-19.

He stressed that restaurants are “sanitized” twice a day, hotel rooms are disinfected each time they serve a guest and they are close to carrying out a second massive disinfection in all hotels and restaurants.

In 2019, Puerto Peñasco received 34% of tourism in Sonora and to date the cases of Covid-19 confirmed by the Ministry of Health in the Municipality represent less than .5% of those detected in the state.

Source: elimparcial.com

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