The baby who was thrown into the street in Mazatlan did not suffer major injuries


The Technical Secretary of Sipinna in Sinaloa, reported that the institute will seek that young parents receive advice so that the infant can fully enjoy their right to the family

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  Stable and without any risk, the  9-month-old baby is found that on Sunday was thrown into the road by his mother on the boardwalk of  Mazatlan, as reported by the technical secretary of the Executive Secretariat of the Protection System Comprehensive of the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents in the State.

The baby who is now under the care of the father and paternal grandparents, since the female is in custody for the crime of attempted murder and awaiting what the public prosecutor determines, explained  Jorge Luis Sañudo.

“He was taken to a hospital, he was assessed and any risk of that action was ruled out. Vamos did not suffer any major problem or that he has obtained a fracture or some situation because he is out of danger and now he is well, he is stable and he is with his father ”.

With this, the state official asked the citizens not to judge the young mother, since the bodies that ensure the well-being of the family now seek that the infant can grow up in an environment suitable for him.

“We are very interested, we would also fight for the mother to be thoroughly investigated and more than criminalize this act, we seek comprehensive care for the family, the family nucleus and guarantee the child the right to family”.

Finally, he made a call to conscience, so that this type of event does not happen again, since he made it very clear that adult problems are adult problems!


The Mazatlan Post