Mazatlan officials assure that 70% of the people use face masks.


Although it was less, once again Mazatlán was favored this weekend with the arrival of tourism to the port, registering an influx of 10,000 people in the beach area and about 20,000 in the coastal area.

Karina Torres Ruelas, REDES coordinator, reported that this weekend they distributed around 2,500 face masks to the people who were in the boardwalk area, thereby seeking to raise awareness of people to use this prevention instrument.

She confirmed that people are complying with the healthy distance and bringing the mask when they walk along the boardwalk.

“Yes we have had results, people have received the guidelines well, they adhere and that is why we are making the delivery of masks for those people who are not prepared to use the masks,” she said.

“Honestly, there are many people who leave prepared with the mask in hand, there are some who take it off because they are eating some food and part of the Operation Networks campaign is that the citizen does not neglect and continue to use the mask ”.

She added that 70 percent of the citizens are using a facemask.
Torres Ruelas confirmed that violations have been lifted for motorists who do not respect the speed limits. And about the people who are drinking drinks in the area of ​​the boardwalk, he said that they are invited to leave and go to other places because on the boardwalk it is not allowed.


The Mazatlan Post