Mazatlán Aquarium will have a penguin exhibition area


People will have access through a coexistence area where they can feed the specimens and an expert will be giving an explanation on how to interact with these fantastic animals.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A new project is cooking in the Mazatlán Aquarium. This will be a penguin area and will be built where the shark tank was originally planned.

The director of the Aquarium, Pablo Rojas Zepeda, indicated that they intend to recover the investment of the previous project, which did not last even two months in operations. He stressed that the construction of the penguin area is viable since it covers the entire space of what was going to be the shark tank.

Pablo Rojas Zepeda

The official explained that around 53 million pesos of investment in past administrations will be rescued. The project will be a benefit for the entire municipality, because it will be a great attraction and this will benefit other businesses that are close to the area.

The penguin species suitable to be in the port of Mazatlán are the Spheniscus humboldti, which inhabits the Americas, mainly Chile and Peru, and is an endangered species.

The investment for the penguin area will cost 25 million pesos. The work will be available to all people including those with limited resources, as they will offer educational tours, with all the sanitary measures established in the protocol strategies against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Escalators will be installed to access the second floor and will have an elevator for disabled people.

Visitors will have access through a coexistence area, where they will be able to feed the penguins and they will be given an explanation about the species.

There will be a souvenir shop especially for penguin related items, which will be installed on the second floor of the entertainment center.

The objective of the Aquarium staff is to finish the project before December 25th so that it can be a Christmas gift for all Mazatlecos.

Source: Debate

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