Reopening of gyms in Mazatlan ready; publish guidelines to be followed


For their return to the activity, these businesses must attend to what is established and then be certified by the Senior Official

The Municipal Government is ready for the reopening of the gyms in the port, as long as they comply with the guidelines for the prevention of Covid, which is already published on the website of the City Council, Mazatlá

For the return of this activity, the Municipality elaborated and issued a set of rules and recommendations for entrepreneurs and users of this service, which reduce the risk of contagion by the Sars-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19), and which are they must comply entirely and without variation.

Once the provisions have been fulfilled, the owner or manager of the gym will request the City Council to review its establishment by the Senior Official, an agency that will certify that the place has carried out the guidelines to the letter.

In, the Municipality has also published the regulations for the tourist reopening of the port, focused on the use and enjoyment of beaches, hotels, restaurants, beach vendors, bands, groups, and musical groups in the beach area, spas, parks, and aquatic centers, transportation, as well as golf courses.


The Mazatlan Post