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Mazatlan promises traffic lights in Rafael Buelna

In order to end the bottlenecks that exist at the intersections of Rafael Buelna Avenue, traffic lights will be synchronized so that there is more mobility, said the Deputy Director of Municipal Traffic, Commander Francisco Guerra González.

He explained that they are already in talks with personnel of the State Government to be able to give the times and rotation that are required at each intersection of the avenue and where the traffic lights are so that there is more traffic on Rafael Buelna avenue.

“There are no slowdown lanes anymore because the traffic lights are going to change, many of them are already in Mazatlán and they are working in circulation in circulation and the green and the arrow goes for each circulation there is, we just have to get used to it, if we want Mazatlán really grows, we have to start to respect, there are many places for the disabled, the podotactile line is new for many of us, all of that we must start to respect and give each other our place, but the circulation in the Rafael Buelna, specifically the traffic lights will change, it will no longer be the same as before ”.

Commander Guerra González announced that the times of the new traffic lights of the Buelna will have to be accommodated, and for this, they will have to measure the number of vehicles that pass, make the necessary capacity to give him the time and space for each of junctions traffic lights.
He said that they are seeing with the State Government to be able to synchronize all the traffic lights and gave an example that in Culiacán there is a command control, which they are already coordinating based on the cameras there are.

“Unfortunately here delinquents, got rid of them, but through the cameras, in Culiacán only main avenues were rotated, such as Álvaro Obregón, Emiliano Zapata, here we are trying to do something similar, but if it is true, changes have to be made at the traffic lights, because there are already traffic lights that are giving the useful life, but if we are going to achieve it, we have to have faith, ”said the Deputy Director of Municipal Traffic.

Source: radioformulamazatlan.com

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