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Mazatlán Police create “Capta Leopardo” elite group

Mazatlán Police created the new “Capta Leopardo” group, which will reinforce security in the tourist area of ​​the port.

“With the Capta Leopardo group we will provide more security and with an emphasis on caring for the environment”, said Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (July 30, 2020).- The office manager of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola announced that within the preventive corporation, the Capta Leopardo group was created, which in addition to surveillance and security of the coastal strip, will be working with greater emphasis on the care and respect of natural areas.

“By instructions of our mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, today the special group of the Capta Leopardo has been formed, agents are bilingual and have ecological knowledge in order to provide security to the citizens of the port of Mazatlán, as well as to tourists that visit the port” Alfaro Gaxiola pointed out.

For her part, Astrid Macias Fregoso, Director of the Tourist Care and Protection Center, Capta, stressed that the instructions go beyond surveillance and support for citizens and tourists, but that awareness of environmental care will now be reinforced in the beaches of Mazatlan.

When making a list pass to the group that makes up the Tourist Police, Aquatic Salvage Squadron, and Transit agents, she said that the number of agents destined for the tourist strip that includes from the Delfin beach to El Faro and the Isla de la Piedra was reinforced.

“We are sure that the responsibility that the mayor has left to the Director of Public Security, who is in charge of all that has to do with the tourist, police, water rescue and security. We know that a good job will be done if we all coordinate and work as a team, ” she added.

At the head of the Capta Leopardo Group, Francisco Javier Sanchez Velarde was appointed as Coordinator, who urged the agents to redouble their efforts in daily work.

“I invite you to continue working as we have always done, to take care of our Mazatlán, to help tourists, settlers, and merchants,” he said.

The Assistant Director of Traffic, Francisco Guerra González, and the Assistant Director of Operations, deputy officer Pablo Ramírez Suárez, were present at the event.

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