Hurricane Hanna would be hitting Sinaloa on Monday or Tuesday


The arrival of Hurricane Hanna to the State of Sinaloa would generate heavy rains in the central and southern region of the entity, according to a mathematical model carried out during the night of this July 24 by dr. Juan Espinosa Luna.

Sinaloa.- Through a telephone interview, dr. Juan Espinosa Luna announced that it would be between Monday and Tuesday that Hurricane Hanna would be reaching the State of Sinaloa, causing heavy rains .

Espinosa Luna pointed out that the results of a mathematical model carried out during the afternoon of July 24 and that yielded results during the night, show that Hurricane Hanna will cause heavy rains in the central and southern region of Sinaloa on Monday and Tuesday, which It is when it is expected that it will reach the state.

” In fact, the trajectory that it has right now, which we have seen, everything indicates that it is going to happen there, in the south of Texas, it enters Nuevo León and possibly on Monday, Monday-Tuesday it is in the Central zone of Sinaloa,” he  said.

The doctor in Geophysics hopes that there will be no variation in the trajectory, because today, he is carrying out another mathematical model that will offer reliable results and that will be released around 17:00 -18: 00 hours on Saturday July 25 .

Regarding the category of Hurricane Hanna, he indicated that he does not think that it will increase, although it will cause heavy rain.

What I think will happen is that it will bring more humidity, and therefore more water, more rain.

He also indicated that Sinaloa is capturing more humidity, which could add to the Hanna meteorological phenomenon and cause heavy rains in the south and center of Sinaloa. 

Regarding the amount of water that could be raining, Juan Espinosa commented that it is crucial to obtain the results of the study that is being carried out today, since with this one it will be possible to know if rainfall of 50 or 100 millimeters should be expected. 

Finally, he pointed out that as part of the season, isolated rains are expected in mountain areas of Sinaloa during this weekend.


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