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Few tourist and a lot of competition, Mazatlan beach vendors complain

They point out that eight days ago more tourist were seen in the coastal area

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This week has been very desolate for beach vendors in Mazatlan. Lack of tourism, low sales, and great competition are the main factors of its discouraging panorama.

Efrén, who sells glasses from 80 pesos and a variety of hats for 150, said that, unlike the week, sales have been lower this Saturday.

The sale is very low, there is very little tourism, last week it was better, there was a little more. There are many vendors, nothing more in this piece we walk 10 and another ten later, in the entire Golden Zone to Olas Altas.

EfrenVíctor Manuel comments that approximately 14 vendors settle from Valentino to the height of Hotel Essens, on Avenida Del Mar, only half of them have returned to work.

The recovery of tourism is still not seen, very little has come, we have been all week, we have not failed, but it is very bad, there is little tourism and a lot of competition and that now few vendors have come.

Victor Manuel

Lifeguards of 50 and 100 pesos, among other items, offers Arturo in Playa Pinitos, who expresses that the tourism that is coming is very spent and almost does not buy.

It is very calm, there is tourism, but it comes very spent, right now what falls is good, eight days ago there were more people.


Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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