Mazatlan city council approved 2 new subdivisions


The housing complexes will be Hacienda del Seminario V and La Cantera

Mazatlan City Council

Mazatlan.- The Cabildo “City Council” unanimously approved the construction of 2 residential subdivisions in the city, during the Ordinary Session number 41 that was held virtually, on Thursday afternoon.

Housing Complexes

The highest authority body in the Municipality authorized the two projects presented by the Commission for Urban Planning, Ecology, and Public Works.

New Subdivision

In the first of these, it was reported that the subdivision to be called Hacienda del Seminario V will be located in the northern part of the El Venadillo ejido, on an area of ​​11 thousand 502.56 square meters.

The other opinion detailed that the subdivision to be called La Cantera will be located next to the Pradera Dorada VI subdivision and Munich Avenue, on an area of ​​271 thousand 926,402 square meters.

In the same Ordinary Session, the Cabildo also endorsed resignations, changes of money orders, death allowance, and merger and transfer of rights of commercial premises located in the municipal markets “Cuauhtémoc”, “Miguel Hidalgo” and “José María Pino Suárez”.


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