In the meeting with Trump, AMLO will send a message of certainty for investment in Mexico: Mario Delgado


The coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado Carrillo, affirmed that with his visit to the United States, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will demonstrate his vision as a statesman and, in turn, the meeting with President Donald Trump will send an effective message to attract investment to our country.

He stated that López Obrador has always been characterized for being a politician of dialogue, for which he asserted that in his meeting with his North American counterpart he will represent Mexico with dignity and “I have no doubt that our president will know how to establish a bilateral relationship of mutual respect and agreement, and for this, it has the support of the majority of the Mexican people. ”

Delgado Carrillo celebrated that this visit of the President of Mexico to the United States occurs within the framework of the entry into force of the new Northamerica free trade agreement (USMCA), even more amid this pandemic that has severely affected the economies of the world, and of course, Mexico is no exception.

“This new agreement, without a doubt, generates a lot of hope, generates a lot of certainty for investments,” stressed Delgado Carrillo who is also the president of the Political Coordination Board in the Chamber of Deputies.

“With this new treaty, a new era begins in the commercial relationship and for Mexico, it represents great challenges, because we have to learn from the past, we must now get more companies to form supply chains so that they are beneficiaries of the global economy” Delgado Carrillo explained.

Mario Delgado said that President López Obrador can go to the United States calm and confident of the support that the people of Mexico give him.

He celebrated the entry into force of one of the most important trade agreements for our countries, “which consolidates the third most important economic zone in the world, and it occurs at a time when I believe that the three countries need each other.”

The leader of the majority in the Chamber of Deputies asked not to politicize or give an electoral tone to this diplomatic visit, since this meeting takes place in very different circumstances from those that occurred a few years ago when former President Enrique Peña Nieto received Donald Trump in Los Pinos, when Trump was still a presidential candidate.

On this occasion, he reaffirmed, it is a meeting between two heads of state who share interests in regional development but also with firm convictions for the interests of their countries.

Source: CCO

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