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Video: Access to Mazatlan’s “Pinitos” beach was momentarily closed!

This strip of beach, barely 50 meters long, was crowded by dozens of children and adults who looked for a place to spend a pleasant afternoon, after the opening of the beaches of Mazatlán last Wednesday

Given the unconsciousness of tourists and locals not to adopt the protocol measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 when visiting the beaches, around 18:00hours this Thursday, in a coordinated operation between the municipal police, the Secretary of the Navy, the water squad and municipal traffic, they chose to close the accesses to the Mazatlan’s beaches, where there was a high rate of visitors.

In this operation, various actions were carried out to prevent the massive visit of people to the beaches from becoming a focus of risk of contagion, since most people did not wear face masks, nor did they comply with the protocols established for the safety of bathers, which represented a high risk of contagion by COVID-19.

Elements of the aquatic squad invited families and groups of people who flocked to the beaches to respect the recommendations of the authorities; As well as municipal transit, it implemented awareness strategies among pulmonia drivers, mainly so that they did not transfer groups of people in their units. It was surprising to see how most of the people did not follow the recommendations of the authorities to avoid the spread and the risks of contagion by coronavirus

Source: tvpacifico.mx, debate.com.mx

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