Villagers set fire to Mayors house in San Andres Larráinzar, Chiapas


San Cristóbal de las Casas. Villagers from San Andrés Larráinzar, located in the Altos de Chiapas, set fire to two municipal police patrols, an ambulance from the Ministry of Health and the home of Mayor Teodulfo Pérez Hernández and the trustee, Elana López López, from the Partido Institutional Revolutionary (PRI), reported official sources.

They said the events happened at approximately 23:00 on Friday when, after some locals began to spread the rumor that the agents were fumigating, which was false.

“The police officers were patrolling as usual, but some people in the Guadalupe neighborhood said that it smelled very strongly of where they were going and began to say that they were fumigating. The patrol went for a walk and when she returned, a group of people no longer let her pass and began to hit “the uniformed men, an official source said.

He said that after setting fire to two police patrols, the more than 50 subjects went to the mayor’s house, and after looting, they set fire to him, and they did the same with the trustee’s home.

“They wanted to burn the municipal presidency, but rural agents and residents came together to prevent it,” said the source, adding that the discontents also looted a repair shop.

“It is not true that he was fumigating, indeed, just yesterday (Friday) the municipal authorities informed rural agents that there was no authorization to fumigate and that they did not believe rumors.”

Sources from the Ministry of Health reported that the subjects also broke windows in the hospital, destroyed furniture and set an ambulance on fire.

They pointed out that the workers managed to get out before the destruction, so in that case no injuries were reported.

The source consulted assured that he was not fumigating or sanitizing, since since there were opposition in some municipalities, these actions were suspended.

He commented that for security, all personnel were removed from the hospital, so the medical attention service to the population of the region was suspended.


The Mazatlan Post