Attention! They will change the road circulation of Mazatlan’s Avenida Del Mar with Camaron Sabalo


The reason for the road change is for the remodeling work of the roundabout at La Gaviota

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Deputy Director of Municipal Transit, Francisco Guerra González, announced that from the first minutes of this Friday, he will begin the remodeling of the roundabout that is at the intersection of Avenidas Del Mar and Rafael Buelna, therefore, to speed up the work, the vehicular passage in that area will be modified.

He explained that the south to north lane will be closed in front of the Jacarandas hotel, so the units that transit from the center to the Golden Zone will move to the opposite lane, just at the height of the return that currently has flower pots.

From that point, he specified, vehicles heading towards the Golden Zone will take the western lane.

“They are going to remodel the roundabout at Valentino’s to also finish the paving and the works related to Rafael Buelna and Camarón Sábalo. The works will start at zero hours on Friday. An adaptation will be made to vehicular traffic, to take the lanes on the west side or next to the Malecon so that from there the double traffic on Camarón Sábalo to the El Faro hotel.  On July 10 or 11, the work must be finished. 

The deputy director of Municipal Transit mentioned that the entrance from Avenida del Mar to Rafael Buelna will be closed, so drivers must take Insurgentes and Reforma avenue to reach Rafael Buelna, while urban vehicles and buses that transit from the Golden Zone may go to Buelna Avenue by a lane that will be enabled for it.


The Mazatlan Post